Hear what others are saying about Fairwinds Coffee.

I just wanted to thank you for free shipping to the troops. I’ve adopted 3 soldiers, you’ve made it possible to keep fees down while supporting our troops. You are truly amazing!


I have purchased Rogers Colombian Supremo for many years there is no other Colombian that is roasted to that perfection.

Teri H.

Providing us with your delicious coffee, certainly raises our sprits and gives us just a little piece of home in a place that is far removed from our everyday lives. It is a pleasure to serve, especially knowing people and families such as yours still care, and show it though your giving.

CW4 John S.

Tried it all, nothing close to the rich smooth taste! You Rock!!


You haven’t lived until you’ve had this coffee! If you’re like me, you live to savor your coffee to the very last drop. This is the very best I have ever experienced.

Mr. Harding

I got some samples from my place of employment, colombian supreme, shared it with some friends and I enjoyed it very much as they did also. I think it is a very good coffee.

Jay M.

I’ve been enjoying your coffee for nearly 4 years. Everyone that tries a cup of my coffee wants to know what kind it is, so I’ve shared your information with a lot of people! Thank you for providing such a consistently good product at a reasonable price. And thanks for the recurring order service.


What a magnificent company. The coffee is fantastic and the customer service is amazing! I e-mailed the company with a question, and it was answered with a personal phone call, after hours on a Friday evening. The employee corrected my error, took the time to explain the best options for me and was kind and polite. Thank you for taking the time to be so kind; it meant so much to me!

Kim R.

I am very picky about my french vanilla. I was buying a well known coffee before I came across Rogers Family Company in a store. I tried it and that is why I am staying with Rogers coffee; it does not give me heart burn like the others did. I am a Rogers coffee drinker for life.

Lisa G.

Best coffee ever – have it at home and at our studio. Everyone’s favorite!


I have tried a LOT of coffees over the years but this is absolutely the very BEST coffee. I have tried several brands of coffee and this beats them ALL. The coffee is fresh and it tastes like coffee should. Try it, you won’t ever switch to another coffee brand again.


I bought some trial size at my local supermarket, a sale item. Went back a few days later and bought them all. I love your coffee and when I run low on all the trial size, I will definitely buy direct. Excellent quality and taste.

Mike B.

The Amaretto Supreme from Fairwinds Coffee is the best amaretto I have ever tasted! It is so good I don’t even mind drinking it when it gets cold. I have tried other brands on several occasions but keep coming back to Fairwinds. Every bag taste as good as the first. Thank you for and excellent product.

Ivan W.


R. Duane